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What is Compression Sock?

The compression socks we designed enhance performance, speed up recovery, and provide ultimate comfort to anyone who slips them on. Utilizing true graduated compression technology, our performance socks are designed to add performance, support, comfort, and style to every step you take, whether you are an Olympic athlete, a nurse, traveler, office worker, or even a patient who is suffering from spider veins and swelling. The NEWZILL Advantage Circulation - Improves performance and recovery with increased blood circulation through true graduated compression. Preparation - Activates muscles and keeps feet at the optimal temperature for performance and comfort. Performance - Increases muscle support and blood circulation, providing optimal muscle endurance, recovery, and performance. Recovery - Enhances blood circulation and oxygen delivery, allowing...

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Who is Newzill

Newzill was founded in Texas in 2013 with a goal of providing the best compression socks that work at the right time, in the right place and at an affordable price. Our passion, patience, design, and persistence of quality shows through in every pair of socks we provide. When you purchase at Newzill, you can expect High Quality socks, wonderful customer services, and feel good about supporting an American company. How we got our start? NEWZILL began in 2013 with a grandson’s desire to help his beloved grandma who suffered from Edema which caused her chronic fatigue and swelling in her legs. We care about our family and friends, and we want them to be “held tight” with love as...

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