What is Compression Sock?

What is Compression Sock? - NEWZILL

The compression socks we designed enhance performance, speed up recovery, and provide ultimate comfort to anyone who slips them on. Utilizing true graduated compression technology, our performance socks are designed to add performance, support, comfort, and style to every step you take, whether you are an Olympic athlete, a nurse, traveler, office worker, or even a patient who is suffering from spider veins and swelling.

The NEWZILL Advantage

Circulation - Improves performance and recovery with increased blood circulation through true graduated compression.

Preparation - Activates muscles and keeps feet at the optimal temperature for performance and comfort.

Performance - Increases muscle support and blood circulation, providing optimal muscle endurance, recovery, and performance.

Recovery - Enhances blood circulation and oxygen delivery, allowing for quicker muscle pain relief and recovery.

Moisture - Keeps feet dry, prevents odor formation, and offers optimal breathability without sacrificing support.

Protection - Stabilizes muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and helps to prevent blisters, cramps, spider veins, and other circulation- and support-related issues.

Versatility - Maximizes performance during extreme workouts or everyday activities.

Get The Support You Need

From the ergonomically designed non-slip cuff to the reinforced toe that protects against blisters and abrasions, NEWZILL compression socks protect and support you during any activity. The true graduated compression stabilizes tendons, muscles, and ligaments, providing you with optimal support and muscle endurance. Whether you are a grandparent with leg fatigue or an athlete taking part in a high-impact workout, our compression socks can promote blood circulation, provide tired muscles with much-needed oxygen, and add performance, comfort, and style to every step you take.

Stay Dry. Stay Cool

Our compression orthopedic socks utilize a patented Clima-Pro System to provide reliable temperature control. Whether it’s hot or cold, our unique blend of moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial fabric allows for optimal breathability and the prevention of odor formation.

Don’t Settle For Less

Compression socks are notoriously difficult to put on. When we were designing our orthopedic socks, we made sure this was not the case. Ours are engineered to easily slide onto the foot and provide a close-fitting fit that is perfect for athletes, nurses, travelers, pregnant women, and anyone who wants to improve the comfort and performance of their socks.

Recover Like A Pro

Regardless of whether you are participating in competitive sports or are simply on your feet all day, NEWZILL compression socks deliver the type of graduated compression that helps accelerate the removal of metabolic waste and the circulation of your blood so that your muscles get refueled with the oxygen and nutrients they need to recover.


Our goal is to improve the performance and comfort of every customer — from the casual walker to the competitive triathlete. Our sports compression socks, sleeves, and accessories are designed with you in mind so you can feel and perform at your best. This philosophy holds true with the entire NEWZILL team. We are devoted to total customer satisfaction through superior products, service, and support.