Who is Newzill

Newzill was founded in Texas in 2013 with a goal of providing the best compression socks that work at the right time, in the right place and at an affordable price.

Our passion, patience, design, and persistence of quality shows through in every pair of socks we provide. When you purchase at Newzill, you can expect High Quality socks, wonderful customer services, and feel good about supporting an American company.

How we got our start?

NEWZILL began in 2013 with a grandson’s desire to help his beloved grandma who suffered from Edema which caused her chronic fatigue and swelling in her legs. We care about our family and friends, and we want them to be “held tight” with love as they use our compression socks.

What makes our product unique?

Our patented Clima-Pro System uses a moisture-wicking fabric to provide consistent temperature control. Whether you are a grandparent with leg fatigue or an athlete taking part in a high-impact workout, our socks will help promote blood circulation and faster workout recoveries.

Why we love what we do?

Our compression socks are made to help in recovery, but there is more than that. We design our socks to add style to your every step since life is too short to have boring socks. We also donated to shelters, hospitals, and retirement homes so we can show our love for those in need.