Best Investment

I've been a runner for most of my life and have developed tendonitis in both of my lower legs. The doctor I went to said because I have short calves, which are great for sports, but tend to suffer from tendon pulls in the calf/heel area. I've been so bummed not being able to run, as running has always been my therapy for daily stress, until I tried these compression socks. These work great and now I am able to run without any pain. Seriously best investment into my health I've ever made

Melissa Holman
March 10, 2017

I Won't Be Without Them

I got the pair with the hears on them as I felt it was fun. They fit firmly and clearly need time to put them on. I love that the seller sent instructions on how to care for them as well as the best way to get them on. I bought a pair for my friend as well and she loves them. I've tried a lot of different pairs of supports socks but these do a better job all the way around. They support my high arch and instep as well as my strong and thick calves. I wear them whenever I fly and I find far less fatigue at the end of the trip. I won't be without them when I travel or do long periods of standing on my feet

G.L. Frist
March 6, 2017

I Will Order This Product Again!

Awesome product! My wife ordered me a pair of NEWZILL argyle socks during the amazon prime event and they came today. I tried them on and don't want to take them off. I'm not known for my stylish attire but today at several outings I got great feedback on the socks especially since I was wearing my favorite shorts. The fit was great I wear a size 12 shoe and the large socks fit perfectly. The product quality seems very good, I really noticed the leg support while on my 10-mile bicycle ride today. Keep up the great work NEWZILL. I will order this product again!

Amazon Customer
July 14, 2017