The mission of NEWZILL Compression Wear is to improve the performance of every person—from the casual jogger to the competitive triathlete. Our sports compression socks, sleeves & accessories are designed with you in mind so you can perform at your best.

This philosophy holds true for our employees and our customers that rely on our products. Our team is devoted to total customer satisfaction through superior service, quality, performance and style.


NEWZILL was founded in early 2014 from my personal desire to help my grandmother receive relief from a common health problem that many suffer from. I remember watching my grandmother have a hard time making it through the day because of fatigue and swelling in her legs. After a visit to the doctor, we found out she was having a problem with blood circulation (Edema) to her legs.

For 13 long months of design, rigorous testing and watching my grandmother’s condition get worse. The NEWZILL VIBE HEART was created. The happiest day of my life was when I presented my grandmother with the very compression sock that would help improve her condition. I chose “Hearts” as a design because I wanted my grandmother to know every time she put them on that all of our family’s love was with her.

When you purchase one of our products you are purchasing a product that was created with a purpose to assist families who combat many common health issues. Today my grandmother is enjoying long walks and uninterrupted days in her garden. She poured her hopes and dreams into me and the least I could do was use all that she had molded and shaped in me, to help in her time of need.

 Let us help you and your loved one?



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