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Foot Care Tips For Runners - NEWZILL

If you are like most, you probably haven’t given your feet much thought—unless of course they’re in pain. But this is no way to treat such an important part of your body. Feet are our foundation. They propel us. They allow us to stand, walk, and for us runners, they are the base of every stride we take and the part of the body that absorbs the most force. Don’t wait until your feet are crying out in pain before you give them attention. Make basic foot care a part of your running routine, just as you would nutrition or training.

In today’s blog, we at NEWZILL would like to share with you some tips for taking care of your feet. Although we are not podiatrists, we do care a lot about feet and are deeply committed to creating the perfect socks. From performance socks to orthopedic socks, the mission of NEWZILL is to improve performance and comfort for everyone—from people who suffer from feet swelling to professional athletes.

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Below are some simple foot care tips.

Get the Right Shoes

Shoes very well may be the single most important factor in foot care. Although you may be tempted to sacrifice style or price for comfort and performance, don’t do it. Also, the sizes of running shoes can vary from different models and manufacturers, which is why it’s important to experiment with the running shoe you are considering. When shopping for your next pair of kicks, take a quick run around the store and make sure your shoes feel snug but not too tight. Pay particularly close attention to the size, comfort, fit, toe box, and fabric. Remember that there is no substitute for a proper, well-fitting pair of shoes.


Even if you aren’t experiencing intense pain after running, following the RICE method—the mnemonic acronym for rest, ice, compress, and elevate—can ease inflammation and help keep your feet in optimal condition. Not only will ice help reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery, but it can also feel amazing on sore feet. Be sure to not leave ice on for more than 20 minutes.

In addition to RICE, also consider massaging your feet regularly. Just one massage a week can do wonders for your feet and can be especially helpful in curing conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. Although a professional therapist will likely yield the best results, this is absolutely something you can do on your own.

Take Care of Blisters and Fungus

Running is a healthy habit. However, there are some annoying risks to this healthy activity. Blisters and fungal infections are two common examples of this. To safeguard yourself from itchy and painful fungal infections, keep your feet dry, clean, and take care of the issue as soon as you spot it. When left untreated, foot problems can become infected and painful. if you get medication for something like athlete’s foot, stick to the treatment until it is totally gone.

Also, if you are plagued by fungal infections or annoying blisters, try out some preventative measures. For example, conditions like athlete’s foot thrive in moist areas. If athlete’s foot is something you are regularly encountering, experiment with some breathable, moisture-wicking performance socks. Similarly, if you are prone to blisters and dry skin, keep your feet moisturized—but not wet. Adding a foot cream every day until your feet feel soft and smooth can help reduce the friction that causes blisters.

Wear Performance Socks

Just as the fit and quality of your shoes is important, so is the fit and quality of your socks. Given this, it may come as no surprise that ill-fitting socks are one of the main causes of blisters. Similarly, the material of your socks is vital. When we run, our feet get hot, and if we aren’t wearing the right socks, our feet are unable to breathe. Cotton socks are particularly bad with this. They can absorb moisture leaving you with wet socks and feet, increasing the likelihood of fungal growth. To give your feet the care they deserve, use performance socks that are lightweight, moisture-resistant, and compression supported. As many athletes are finding, compression socks comprised of moisture-wicking fiber can help control temperature, keep feet dry and cool, prevent odor from forming, and help maintain joint stability regardless of the activity.

This is, of course, in no way a comprehensive guide to foot care. However, it should be a good start and a reminder that for runners foot care is a big deal. Whether you are a runner or a casual jogger, keep these tips in mind and take care of your pups!

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