Newzill black with green stripes calf compression sleeves pair white background foot
CALF, BlACK/GREEN (20-30mmHg)
CALF, BlACK/GREEN (20-30mmHg)
CALF, BlACK/GREEN (20-30mmHg)
CALF, BlACK/GREEN (20-30mmHg)
CALF, BlACK/GREEN (20-30mmHg)
CALF, BlACK/GREEN (20-30mmHg)

CALF, BlACK/GREEN (20-30mmHg)

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Unisex Calf Compression Sleeves! We want you to LOVE our calf compression sleeves!

Looking for some of the best athletic compression socks and orthopedic socks on the market? Shop NEWZILL!


  • NEWZILL Compression Calf Sleeves (20-30mmHg) for Men & Women - Perfect Option to Our Compression Socks - for Running, Shin Splint, Medical, Travel, Nursing
  • FIBER CONTENT – NEWZILL CLIMA-PRO Graduated Compression Sleeves are comprised of 30% Spandex, 70% Nylon, and they are 100% Latex-free.
  • These Calf Compression Sleeves are as close to medical-grade compression prescribed by many doctors but without the sticker shock


SUITS YOUR ACTIVITY – The sleeves are beneficial for running, hiking, martial arts, CrossFit, volleyball, basketball, cycling, baseball, yoga, workouts or any fitness activities. Whether high or low or high impact, these enable you to warm up safely and recover quickly. The calf sleeves & socks are also perfect for everyday use especially while pregnant, for people in retail, air travel, jobs as a nurse or in construction that require a lot of standing on your feet. Or to cover up tattoos!

FEEL IT WORK – They are designed to fit naturally on your legs thus providing you support & stretch where needed. Whether you have aching calves, leg cramps, swelling or edema, shin splints, POTS or varicose / spider veins these sleeves allow you to train harder, recover faster & feel stronger. They help boost circulation in your legs & reduce muscle soreness for recovery afterward. Try these & notice the improvement - you'll wish you had found ages ago!


Technology Highlights

  1. PROMOTES BLOOD FLOW & CIRCULATION –Compression (20-30 mmHg) Socks deploy "graduated" compression—they squeeze more and more tightly the farther they are from the heart. These stylish compression socks can help reduce blood pooling in the legs and speed up the return of blood to the heart. Stimulating blood flow using foot compression helps improve oxygen delivery to your muscles, which speeds up muscle recovery, helps prevent cramping, swelling, spider veins, and circulation issues common among diabetics.
  2. RELIEVES PAIN – One of the greatest benefits of these high-performing orthopedic socks is their ability to accelerate the recovery of "delayed onset muscle soreness"—these are the aches that appear after an intense bout of unaccustomed exercise. Wearing a compression sock or sleeve around the affected muscles helps control swelling and, through enhanced circulation, hastens the removal of cellular waste products.
  3. FIBER CONTENT – NEWZILL CLIMA-PRO Graduated Compression Socks are comprised of 15% Lycra, 20% Spandex, 65% Nylon, and they are 100% Latex-free. Our athletic compression socks are designed to provide unparalleled support and comfort every step of the way!
  4. MOISTURE MANAGEMENT – Our compression socks utilize a patented Clima-Pro system. This allows for maximum breathability, reliable temperature control, the blocking of odor formation, and the prevention of the growth of bacteria and fungus while wicking moisture away.