24-SEVEN, Stripes Grey/White

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Product Description

The 24-Seven Black, our all-time best-selling compression sock, offers true graduated compression, which increases blood flow and allows you to perform at your peak, recover faster, and feel better sooner. The advanced design of our performance socks supports critical muscles and tendons, and our proprietary blend of materials wicks moisture for a comfortable fit that goes the distance. Add comfort and support to every step—shop NEWZILL compression socks!

Technology Highlights

  • NEW MATERIALS – NEWZILL compression experts have been creating our own technologies and materials to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus while wicking moisture away. Our performance socks utilize a patented Clima-Pro system, which allows for high breathability, reliable temperature control, and the prevention of odor formation.
  • THEY FIT – One of the biggest issues with compression socks is that they can be difficult to get on. In our pursuit to make the best compression socks on the market, we took this into account and made pressure socks that are not only comfortable but are also easier to get on than other performance and orthopedic socks. Quality stitched so they will last, we want you to be able to use your compression socks for what you need without worrying about them falling apart.
  • PROMOTE BLOOD FLOW & CIRCULATION – Graduated Compression (20-30 mmHg) Stockings stimulate blood flow and improve oxygen delivery to your muscles. These pressure socks not only can prevent cramping, fatigue, swelling, but they also help muscle recovery, spider veins, and circulation issues that are common among diabetics.
  • PAIN AWAY – Whether it be from long trips, working on your feet all day, pregnancy, or just everyday activities, we've all experienced leg pain at some point, not to mention those unsightly varicose veins that can creep up on us, too. With proper compression and quality design, our orthopedic socks can help relieve leg and foot pain and control varicose veins—while also making for some of the best athletic socks available!

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